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Begin your journey in the heart of our historic town. Learn about the historic origins of these locations and the lives of its early settlers. But there may be some important things you want to know before the walk begins!

Ghost Colonies:

Learn more about our three Historical locations and see why they are worth exploring.

Haunted Dwellings & Supernatural Legends

Want to hear more stories from around the ghost colonies? Check out our blog to learn more about other buildings you might see near our tours.

Learn More about Ghost Colonies

Learn more about us, what makes us hauntingly unique from other companies, and how our tours will leave you with chills to remember.

About Us

What makes our haunted walk special

Join us for an unforgettable journey through the supernatural history of Williamsburg, Virginia. Whether you're a history buff, a paranormal enthusiast, or simply curious about the mysteries that surround our town, our Haunted Historical Walk Tours offer something for everyone.

Explore the past, embrace the unknown, and experience the spine-tingling stories that Williamsburg has to offer. We can't wait to share our town's secrets with you!

What Our Customers Wrote About Us

I've been on my fair share of ghost tours, but Williamsburg's Haunted Historical Walk Tour blew me away! The guide was not only an engaging storyteller but also a walking encyclopedia of Williamsburg's history. I learned so much about the town's origins, its role in regional history, and the fascinating ghost colonies that call Williamsburg home. The blend of history and hauntings was perfect, and I left with a newfound appreciation for this charming town. Highly recommended for history buffs and ghost enthusiasts alike!
Sarah H
Wow! This tour exceeded my expectations on every level. As a history lover, I was thrilled to discover the depth of knowledge our guide possessed. They wove together the rich history of Williamsburg with spine-tingling ghost stories seamlessly. The stories of the ghost colonies were both eerie and thought-provoking, and I left with a deeper understanding of the town's past and the lingering spirits that still roam its streets. This tour is a must for anyone looking to explore the history and hauntings of Williamsburg, VA.
Michael W.
What a fantastic tour! I've always been intrigued by ghost stories, but I never expected to learn so much about the history of Williamsburg in the process. Our guide was not only a captivating storyteller but also a historical expert. The tour provided a perfect blend of spooky tales and historical context, making it a well-rounded and educational experience. I was particularly fascinated by the stories of the ghost colonies and how they connect to the town's past. I left the tour feeling entertained and enlightened. If you're visiting Williamsburg, don't miss this tour!
Emily R.
I can't express how much I enjoyed the Haunted Historical Walk Tour in Williamsburg, PA. This experience was a delightful fusion of my two passions: history and the paranormal. Our guide's storytelling skills were top-notch, and they had an impressive depth of knowledge about Williamsburg's history and ghost colonies. Walking through the historic district while hearing about the town's origins and growth was a treat in itself. But what truly set this tour apart were the tales of the ghost colonies. I was spellbound by the stories of restless spirits and the historical events that may have bound them to Williamsburg. The guide's ability to seamlessly blend history with ghostly legends made the tour both informative and spine-tingling. This tour provided a unique perspective on Williamsburg's past and the mysterious forces that continue to shape its present. I left with not only a newfound appreciation for the town but also a few chills down my spine. Highly recommended for anyone who loves history, the supernatural, or a perfect blend of both!
James M.

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Haunted Historical Walk LLC is not responsible for any injuries that might occur during the walk, please walk carefully and keep children close by.  You must follow any safety warnings or instructions given to you by a member of our staff.  Please ask questions if unclear.
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Haunted Hotspots: Unveiling the Ghostly Charms of Williamsburg, VA, and Gettysburg