Immerse yourself in the ghostly history of Colonial Williamsburg. Learn all about the city settled almost 400 years ago and once the proud capital of Virginia for 83 years. With its vast and varied history, ranging from triumphs to tragedies, it’s no wonder that spiritual activity abounds within its ancient streets. Join us on one of our captivating tours and uncover the spectral secrets that lurk around every corner.

Try out one of our three amazing tours, each one unique but just as eerie as the last. We hope to give you thrills and chills with either our family-friendly 7:30 PM and 9:00 PM tours or one of our darker 10:00 PM ADULT-ONLY tours. No matter your thrill level, we have tours for the whole family. Almost all of our tours are handicap accessible, and you can even get an additional 30 minutes of eerie ghost stories with our extended tour option available with our Trials and Travelers or Enduring History tours. We look forward to giving you the spooks!

Trials and Travelers Tour

Come learn about the capital trials once held in Colonial Williamsburg. Find out why the restless spirits of those who were tried and condemned still linger here, haunting its halls. Learn the history of the vast number of taverns and possibly catch a glimpse of the colonial owners and travelers who never left.

Enduring History Tour

Come explore a few of the 88 original buildings that have lasted 100s of years, withstanding the test of time. Learn the stories of the spirits roaming these historical halls and the secrets these colonial builds still hide. 

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Dark History Murder Tour

Are you interested in hearing the dark history Williamsburg doesn’t want you to know about? Come join us for this 18+ only tour, where we will unearth the darker side of Colonial Williamsburg. But be warned, this isn’t for the squeamish or faint of heart. Be prepared to be chilled to the bone if you dare to take a walk on this frightening murder tour.

*Coming Soon*