Explore the intriguing history of Geneva-on-the-Lake, a once-bustling town that thrived in the 1800s and later became a popular tourist destination thanks to the efforts of Rockefeller, Ford, and Firestone. Despite its reputation as a haven for leisure and family enjoyment, this quaint town harbors a darker, more mysterious side.

Geneva-on-the-lake Haunted Tour

Geneva-on-the-lake, a known vacation destination since the 1800s, with a rich but haunted history. Come explore the ghostly tales that still haunt locals today. Are you ready to get chills and thrills with this spooktacular family-friendly ghost tour?

Deadly History Tour

Are you ready to dive into the deadly history of Geneva-on-the-lake and other horrific tales that have left a dark stain on the history of Ohio? Then this ADULT-ONLY tour is just the fright night out for you. We will chill you to the bone with ghostly encounters. So, if your brave enough take a trip on the darker side with our Deadly History Tour.